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In this article, we will cover the topics below.

  • What is a Creditcode app?
  • Which categories of products and Brands are available on Creditcode?
  • Is Creditcode app genuine?
  • How to sign-up for Creditcode? Where to update credit code referral code?
  • How to earn money from Creditcode app?
  • How to withdraw amount from Creditcode?
  • What are the good things about Creditcode?
  • What are the things you must know about Creditcode?
  • How to refer Creditcode to others?
  • How to sell Creditcode products?
  • Tips to sale more
  • Creditcode customer care number
  • Who are Creditcode competitors in India?

Before we start, if you are someone you loves watching videos in Hindi rather than reading then do checkout our videos on CreditCode. Click on the image to see video.

What is Creditcode app?

Creditcode is a platform which allows you to sell financial products like Savings account, Credit Card, Loans etc to your contacts and earn commission for each sale generated by you.

Which categories of products and Brands are available on Creditcode?

There are 30+ products which are currently available with Creditcode. They have variety of products like

  • Saving/Current/Demat account
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Pay Later/EMI card

Is Creditcode app genuine?

Yes, Creditcode is a genuine app which has tied-up with multiple Indian banks/NBFCs to sell their products.However based on recent comments on multiple youtube videos and reviews on playstore, it seems people are facing issues as the leads are not properly tracked.

If you face any issues with regards to payment in Creditcode then do bring it to our notice so that we can create awareness in the community.

How to sign-up for Creditcode?

To sign-up for Creditcode, Please download the app using below sign-up link and enter referral code ‘MUYJQ4 during sign-up. 

Sign-up link:

Click on the ‘Install’ to begin app installation.

Once app is installed, click on ‘Open’

Read the ‘App Permission’ requested and if you are ok then click on ‘I AGREE’

Click on Sign-up

Enter your 1st and last name. Enter your mobile number and email id.

Enter ‘MUYJQ4’ in referral code and then click on ‘SIGN UP’

Enter the verification code received on your mobile number and click on continue.

Complete the email verification to unlock features like payments and rewards.

Click on the link received on your email to verify your email id

Congratulations, your sign-up is completed.

Now get KYC also completed by entering your PAN details in the App.

How to earn money on Creditcode?

There are different ways you can earn money from Creditcode.

  1. Selling products: You can earn commission by selling different products available on Creditcode.
  2. 10% Referral earning: You get 10% of your referral earning for lifetime.

How to withdraw the amount from Creditcode?

To withdraw earnings, click on ‘My Earning’ section from your profile or from the homepage.

Please note that you need Min Rs.250 for withdrawal and maximum 5000 can be withdrawn at a time.

All PROCESS request amounts will transfer in your Wallet/Bank within 1-2 working days.

What are the good things about Creditcode?

Zero Investment: 

There is no investment needed to start selling Creditcode products.

Rewards in Bank account:

You can transfer earnings to your bank account or paytm wallet as per your convenience.

Low Minimum withdrawal threshold:

Minimum withdrawal limit is just 250/- rupees so you will get your commission in your account mostly after your 1st sale too.

What are the things you must know about Creditcode?

  1. KYC needed: You will need to perform KYC before starting to sell their products. You will need to confirm your PAN card and bank account details during KYC.
  2. 5% TDS deduction: 5% TDS will be deducted on commission that you earn.
  3. Link Validity: There is validity to the product link shared by you. If any customer buys the product beyond that cookie time frame then you will not get commission. It is advisable to share the link when the customer is ready to proceed with the activation process.
  4. No option to check PINCODE: Based on our understanding, Credit cards are available for certain PIN CODES however unlike Gromo there is no option to check availability of the given card for specific pincode.
  5. You can see only your top 50 Referrals.

How to refer Creditcode to others?

To share your referral link with others, Click on the ‘Referral’ section from the Homepage of the app.

You will get your referral code and an option to share your referral link. You can ‘Social Media icons’ to spread your link on different platforms.

How to sell Creditcode products?

Click on the Categories option from the Homepage of the app and choose the product you want to sell. Then, share the link with the customer. 

Tip: Few Credit cards are available for select PIN codes. If your customer is not eligible for any credit card as per customers PIN code then try to sell SBI cards as this is available for all over India. There is no option to check Pincode.

Tips to sale more:

  • Call 10 people in your network everyday and inform them that you have started with a financial consultation business. Inform them about the products that you have. 
  • Get 5 new references from each person that you call.
  • Next week call all the referrals received in the previous week and ask for references from them too.
  • Keep adding people in your broadcast.
  • Keep products on whatsapp status everyday. Do not clutter with more than one status or message per day.
  • Connect with local shops who sell mobile products, stationery, Xerox etc. Either add those in your network or Team. Ask them to apply some banners in front of their shop like “Zero balance saving account is opened here”.

What is creditcode customer care number?

There is no customer care number for Creditcode however if you face any issue then you can raise ticket from the app or send email to

Who are Creditcode competitors in India?

Creditcode competitors include GroMo, OneCode, BankSathi, RocketSingh

Creditcode app sign-up Link and referral code:

Referral code: MUYJQ4

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