Gromo V/S ZET(OneCode) v/s Banksathi v/s CreditCode v/s Rocketsingh which one is best

Hello Everyone,

In this article, we will compare financial product selling applications and decide which one is best.

This comparison will be basis;

  • Number of categories available to sell on the platform
  • Commission rates offered by platform
  • Features available on the platform

Categories of product available on platform:

Gromo seems to be promising here as they have the maximum category of products available on their platform. 

Please note that when one starts their journey of selling financial products then Insurance MUST be in their kitty to attract a larger market.


For comparing platforms basis rates, we have taken 3 major products rates into consideration;

  • Bank Account
  • Demat Account
  • Credit Cards

Bank Account:

Bank Sathi seems to offer better rates here.

Demat Account:

Demat accounts are not available here. Gromo seems to be promising here however if you intend to sell a particular brand’s product then you will need to take respective platform into consideration like if you intend to sell Anand Rathi Demat account then you will need to choose Bank Sathi but if you want to sell Yes Securities demat account then CreditCode is something you will need to choose.

Credit Card:

BankSathi seems to be promising here with Maximum number of products and attractive rates. However one needs to keep in mind that rates vary from time to time on different platforms so today Banksathi is giving higher rates but tomorrow Gromo/ZET could offer higher rates.

It is advisable to check different platforms before promoting any product. Whoever offers the best rate at that time, should be chosen.

Please watch this video to see comparison basis features:

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