EarnKaro Review | How to earn money from EarnKaro

In this article we will discuss;

  • What is EarnKaro?
  • What is the difference between EarnKaro and CashKaro?
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How to earn money from EarnKaro?
  • How to Sign-up for EarnKaro?
  • When can we withdraw the sign up bonus from earnkaro?
  • How to create Profit Links or affiliate URL?
  • How to withdraw the amount from EarnKaro?
  • How to refer EarnKaro to others?
  • What are the pros and cons of EarnKaro?
  • Tips to get more sales/leads for Earnkaro.
  • Conclusion

Before we start, if you are someone you loves watching videos rather than reading then do checkout our videos on Earnkaro.

What is EarnKaro?

Earnkaro is an affiliate marketing platform which gives an opportunity to participate in different affiliate networks from a single channel. This application is from CashKaro group.

You may want to read this article to learn more about CashKaro.

What is the difference between EarnKaro and CashKaro?

CashKaro is generally for personally shopping where you earn cashback on shopping done by you and if you refer Cashkaro to someone then you get 10% of their cashback/Rewards wherein EarnKaro is for affiliate marketers who want to Earn by referring products of different Platforms to their friends/Family/Audience.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means referring someone’s products into your network. You get some commission out of the sale generated due to your efforts. Commission can be % of sale amount or it could be Flat amount. Basically it’s a method of saying thanks for referring customers to the partner website/Platform.

How to earn money from EarnKaro?

There are two ways in which you can earn money on from EarnKaro

  1. By Referring products: When you refer to a partner product of EarnKaro then you get a certain commission if someone purchases an item using your link.
  1. By Referring EarnKaro: When you refer someone to EarnKaro then you get 10% of their earning for lifetime.

How to Sign-up for EarnKaro?

  • Download the app from playstore. Click on the link below and you will be directed to the playstore. Click on ‘Install’ 


  • Once the app is installed, click on ‘Open’ to proceed further.

You will get an interface like below. Click on ‘Login or Sign up’.

Enter your Phone number or Email id for sign-up. You can also use social accounts like Google or Facebook to sign-up. Click on Continue after entering/selecting the preferred sign-up method.

Set up a password.

Enter your mobile number and click on Continue

Enter OTP received and click on Continue

Enter your full name and click on Continue

Congratulations! Your sign-up process is completed.

As of today, EarnKaro is providing 30 Rupees as sign-up bonus

When can we withdraw the sign up bonus from earnkaro?

Upon sign-up, you will receive a 30 Rupee sign-up bonus which is valid for 14 days from sign-up date. You need to get at least one order before 14 days to prevent this from expiring.

How to create Profit Links or affiliate URL?

In order to earn profit from Earnkaro you will need to share your profit/affiliate link with others. You can either select products from their partner app or you can visit the partner app/website to copy product links and then create affiliate links.

For example if we want to create affiliate links for Boya mike from Flipkart then we will visit flipkart and look for that product then click on share and copy product link.

Now visit the EarnKaro app. 

  1. Click on ‘Make link’. 
  2. Paste the URL you just copied.
  3. Click on Make profit Link

Your affiliate URL is ready to use. You can copy the URL or directly share using social media icons.

How to withdraw the amount from EarnKaro?

To withdraw your earnings, you need to click on the profile icon from the bottom right corner.

Click on ‘Request Payment’.

Minimum amount to withdraw is 10 Rupees.

How to refer EarnKaro to others?

To refer someone to this app. You will need to share your referral link with them.

Click on ‘Profile’ icon from bottom right corner and then click on ‘Refer & Earn’

You will get a screen like below which contains your referral link. You can Tap on the link to copy it or you can directly share this on the social media platform.

Please make note that you get 10% of your referral’s earnings for lifetime.

What are the pros and cons of EarnKaro?

Like every coin has two sides, EarnKaro has its own set of Pros and Cons. We will discuss both in this article. Let’s discuss Pros first.


Zero Investment:

There is no investment needed to start earning with EarnKaro. This is extremely helpful for those who want to earn some extra income but do not have the budget to invest.

One Console for almost all affiliate Networks:

EarnKaro has partnered with many networks like Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra, Amazon, MamaEarth, Zivame, Nykaa, Hostinger Etc. This not only helps in managing many affiliate programs but also helps in payment withdrawal from a single Channel.

To know the partner portals click on the ‘Our Partners’ tab from the home page of the app.

Funded by Mr. Ratan Tata:

Mr. Ratan Tata sir has also invested in EarnKaro. We can rely on this application and concept.

10% of Referral earning for lifetime:

EarnKaro provides 10% of your referral earning which is extremely beneficial for affiliate marketers. You not only earn on your efforts but for efforts done by your team as well.

Easy and Faster Payments:

As this is an Indian website/App so the amount is directly received in your bank accounts. Those who do affiliate marketing know how tedious the withdrawal process is for international sites.

Customer Support:

Most of the platform generally doesn’t have customer support for affiliates. This is not the case with EarnKaro. They have a dedicated team to support affiliates. One can reach out to their customer support team via Email, Chat and Call.

Good for beginners:

This is good for beginners who started with affiliate marketing. One of the major affiliate marketing platforms is “Amazon Associates”. However most of the people think amazon affiliate is not good for beginners because they have multiple rules like three sales during their first 180 days

There is no such criteria at EarnKaro.

Amazon affiliate has a minimum 1000 as withdrawal limit however EarnKaro has just 10 Rupee as withdrawal limit.

Let’s talk about drawbacks/Cons of EarnKaro.


Broken link if partner exit the program:

If any of the partners of EarnKaro exits the program and if you had shared their links on multiple platforms in the past then those links will become ‘Invalid’. 

Rates are comparatively low:

You will see that EarnKaro pays a little lower commission as compared to being a direct affiliate of that partner. For example see currently amazon is paying upto 9% to their affiliates however max profit on EarnKaro is 6.8%

Tips to get more sales/leads for Earnkaro:

As such there is no strategy to get leads however one can use below methods to get leads.

  • Upload deals and products on Facebook Marketplace with Earnkaro affiliate link.
  • Join different Facebook groups which are created for discounts, deal, cashback etc
  • You can create your Facebook Page for discounts, deals, cashback etc. Keep posting different deals on the page. You will need to make your good will that this page provides valuable deals. 
  • You can create your Telegram Channel/Whatsapp Group for discounts, deals, cashback etc. Keep posting different deals on the group. You will need to make your good will that these groups provide valuable deals. 
  • Bonus Tip 1: Keep App Notifications ON for EarnKaro to get best/daily deals then post those into your groups/channels.

Bonus Tip:

Try to focus on high commission items like IDFC Credit card which gives up to 1500/- on successful card approval.

This card provides below benefits to customer so it will be easy to sell;

  • Welcome voucher worth ₹500 on spending ₹15,000 or more within 90 days of card generation
  • Reward points never expire
  • Interest Free cash withdrawal from any Bank’s ATM
  • Complimentary Railway lounge visits (4 per quarter)
  • 15% discount across 3,000+ health and wellness outlets

Fees & List of all charges

  • Joining Fees: Nil
  • Annual Fees: Nil
  • Interest rate: 0.75-3.5% per month
  • Cash Withdrawal charges: Rs 250 per transaction
  • Card Replacement charges: Rs 100

Click on the below link in case you are interested in applying for this card.



Looking at the pros and cons, I will personally prefer EarnKaro over Amazon Affiliates. Primary reason being 10% of referral commission. Amazon affiliates or for that matter other affiliate networks will pay you only for your efforts; however, EarnKaro will get paid for the efforts of your referrals also.

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