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  • What is rocket singh app? Rocket singh app kya hai
  • What kind of products are available on Rocket singh?
  • How to earn money from Rocket singh?
  • How to withdraw an amount from Rocket Singh App?
  • Things to know about before you start working on Rocket Singh app:
  • What are the Drawbacks of Rocket singh app?
  • Rocket Singh app customer care number?
  • Who are Rocket Singh competitors in India?
  • Is rocket singh app real or fake?

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What is rocket singh app? rocket singh app kya hai?

Rocket singh is an app which allows you to sell financial products and earn some commission per sale done by you.

What kind of products are available on Rocket singh?

Currently rocket singh has;

  • Savings account
  • Demat account
  • CreditCards

How to earn money from Rocket singh?

You can earn money from Rocket singh using below methods;

Selling Products: You will get predefined commission on selling different products. Commission can be flat or % and it varies from product to product.

Referral Bonus: You get 100 Rupees on your referred members 1st sale. Your referral should do a confirmed sale within 30 days of their sign-up else the amount will get expired.

Survey: You can earn money by completing surveys.

Completing Task: You will earn some amount when you complete a certain task for Rocket singh app. Details are below.

  • Email verification: You get 1/- for verifying your email.
  • Whatsapp status: You need to put whatsapp status and share it with them to earn 3/-. 
  • Invite: Invite friends and get 4/- when any 1 registers.
  • Watch: Watch simple video about rocket singh and answer simple questions to earn 3/-
  • Follow: Follow them on social media to earn 2/-

How to withdraw an amount from Rocket Singh App?

One can withdraw an amount from rocket Singh once they have a minimum of 50/- in their wallet. You can withdraw the amount in your bank account.

There is no limit on the withdrawal amount. You can withdraw any amount, anytime.

Things to know about before you start working on Rocket Singh app:

KYC Needed: Rocket singh is related to financial services thus you must complete KYC for which you need to have a PAN Card and Bank account.

Multiple Sale from same device: If you try to complete multiple purchases from the same device then your leads will get rejected. You must share product links with customers and ask them to complete the process from their device.

Existing User: In some of the cases, if the customer is an existing user of the Bank/Platform and they buy a different product then you don’t get commission and leads will be rejected. Do read the terms and conditions before sharing the link. 

Offline Promotion: While you are free to share their products and referral link/codes online, Company does restrict you to promote it Offline. 

You MUST NOT DO the following;

a) Offline activity like distributing pamphlets

b) Offline activity like putting up banners in and around shops 

c) Offline activity like setting up canopies in and around malls, offices, markets, and residential areas

TDS deduction: 5% TDS will be deducted from your earnings as per Govt mandate. 

What are the good things about Rocket Singh?

Zero Investment: There is no investment needed to start selling Rocket Singh products.

Rewards in Bank account: You can transfer earnings to your bank account.

Low Minimum withdrawal threshold: There is a low minimum withdrawal limit of 50/- so you will get your commission in your account after your 1st sale.

Tips to sale more on Rocket Singh:

  • Call 10 people in your network everyday and inform them that you have started with a financial consultation business. Inform them about the products that you have. 
  • Get 5 new references from each person that you call.
  • Next week call all the referrals received in the previous week and ask for references from them too.
  • Keep adding people in your broadcast.
  • Keep products on whatsapp status everyday. Do not clutter with more than one status or message per day.

What are the Drawbacks of Rocket singh app?

Too many ads: This app is bombarded with too many ads. Truly speaking, for just moving from one section to another you will need to watch ads. It’s a sheer waste of time.

Low Commission Rates: This app offers lowest commission compared to competitors on most of the products available on Rocket Singh. Please see this self explanatory chart and you should be able to conclude yourself.

How to contact customer support of Rocket Singh?

To contact customer support you need to raise a ticket from the app. We haven’t found any mobile number or email id in the app.

Who are Rocket Singh competitors in India?

Rocket Singh competitors include GroMo, OneCode, CreditCode, BankSathi.

Is rocket singh app real or fake?

While the Rocket Singh app is genuine, working on Rocket Singh is a sheer waste of time. If you want to earn income by selling financial products then ZET(Previously OneCode) or GroMo are the best options. 

If you still feel like working on Rocket singh then below are sign-up details.

Rocket Singh app sign-up Link and referral code:

Referral code: RS21564980

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