GroMo app review | Is gromo app safe? | How to earn Money from GroMo app

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In this article we will cover the points below.

  • What is GroMo?
  • Is GroMo app safe?
  • Which categories of products are available on GroMo?
  • Which brands are available at GroMo?
  • How to sign-up for GroMo?
  • How to earn money on GroMo?
  • Benefits of GroMo.
  • How GroMo helps to get sales?
  • Things to know before you start working on GroMo:
  • How does GroMo make money?
  • How to create a GroMo visiting card?
  • How to sell Gromo products?
  • Bonus tip
  • Who are GroMo competitors in India?

Before we start, if you are someone you loves watching videos in Hindi rather than reading then do checkout our videos on GroMo.

What is GroMo?

GroMo is a platform which allows you to sell financial products and earn commission for each sale done by you.

Is GroMo app safe?

Yes, gromo app is absolutely safe. Please read the article to learn more about it.

Which categories of products are available on GroMo?

They have almost 40+ products to sell like

  • Credit cards/Buy now pay later products
  • Demat Accounts
  • Saving accounts
  • Instant OR Personal Loans
  • Insurance
  • Investment

Which brands are available at GroMo?

Almost all major brands are available at GroMo. You name it and they have it.

How to sign-up for GroMo?

Download now with my referral link: You get 250/- as a sign-up bonus when you download using my referral link. This is for a limited time. OR

Enter my Referral code on signup: MPTY8076

Click on Install to initiate installation.

Once the app is installed, Click on ‘Open’ to proceed further.

Select Language and click on Continue

Click on ‘Sign up now/Login’ 

Enter your mobile number and click on > sign to continue

Enter OTP received on registered mobile number.

Enter your basic profile details as shown in the below snag and click on submit.

How to earn money on GroMo?

There are different ways you can earn money from GroMo.

  1. Selling products: You can earn commission by selling different products available on GroMo.
  2. 5% Referral earning: You get 5% of your referral earning for lifetime.
  3. Course completion: When you complete their different courses you get scratch cards and a chance to win some amount. Your scratch card can also result in ‘Better luck next time’ 🙂 so this is not guaranteed.
  4. Refer and Earn: You can earn 1100/- per referral. All you need to do is share your referral link.When someone joins GroMo and completes their first sale, you get 100/- and when they complete their 5th Sale you get 1000/-

Benefits of GroMo:

Below are the few listed benefits that we see working with Gromo.

  • Zero Investment: There is no investment needed to start selling GroMo products.
  • Become your own boss and No fixed working hours
  • 4.5 rating on Playstore basis 24,000+ review
  • 100+ brand partnerships
  • GroMo is IRDA registered insurance broker
  • Instant Payout: Transfer earning instantly to a bank account.
  • 5% of Referral earning for lifetime
  • Active Customer Support: Call, Email and Chat(whatsapp)
  • Trusted by 19 Lakh+ partners
  • Single platform to sell all types of financial products
  • Training: Their training system is truly commendable. They have a wide variety of training videos, Courses and live sessions. As soon as you join they scheduled 1 hour of onboarding training. In this training they will provide details of GroMo and how to use their app. If you are not comfortable with the scheduled timing then you can re-schedule as per your convinience. Partners get training reminder messages/Calls before the training. This will help your referrals to remain active and attend on time training.
  • Scratch Card: Once you attend their training you get a chance to earn upto 100. This is applicable once per month only.
  • Contests: There are contests from time to time to keep partners active. Like currently there is a contest going on which entitles winners for Singapore trip, smartphone, smartwatch etc. these contests help your referrals to keep active. 

How GroMo helps to get sales?

They have certain tools which help you to acquire new customers.These tools include.

  • Check Credit Score: They have a tool which helps your customer to check their credit score for free. Once anyone checks their Credit score using your link, you get that customer’s information in the app. You can refer credit cards to the customer based on their credit score.
  • Traffic Challan: One can check if there are any pending challans against their name. Once anyone checks their challan details using your link, you get that customer’s information in the app and whatsapp message. You can refer insurance or give them reminders before their existing insurance expires to close a deal.
  • Diary: They have a digital diary concept which helps to keep track of customer’s insurance expiry. This helps to sell them new/re-new insurance.
  • Visiting Card: You get an option to generate your visiting card. They have different templates, you can choose one that suits you. You can also control/change information you want on a visiting card like you can write your name as ‘Earniologist’ or ‘’ that’s upto you.
  • Content: They have pre-prepared templates/brochures for different banks/products with your name and number formulated on it. This helps to advertise different products. These contents are truly professional and you will love them when you see them.

Please see below professional sample content.

  • Website: They give you a mini website also for promoting yourself. To access the website, follow below steps.

Click on your profile icon.

Click on the website.

You can click on open to see how your website looks. 

Tip: You can purchase a custom domain and divert this URL to that custom domain for a more professional look. 

Once you click on open, you will get an interface like below.

This also has an option to check challan status which will again help you to get new customer leads.

Things to know before you start working on GroMo:

  1. For referral income you also need to do at least one sale in the same month.
  2. Referrals should not be immediate family members.
  1. You will need to perform KYC before starting to sell their products. You will need to confirm your PAN card and bank account details during KYC.
  2. You cannot pay money to customers to get any product activated.
  3. If you spread any false information about GroMo, your profile might get blocked.
  4. Insurance payouts are not instant. For insurance, payout will be transferred directly to the bank account as per the monthly payout cycle.
  5. There is validity to the product link shared by you. If any customer buys the product beyond that cookie time frame then you will not get commission. It is advisable to share the link when the customer is ready to proceed with the activation process.

How does GroMo make money?

In order for any company to be profitable, their earning model should be good. GroMo makes money in the following ways.

  1. Commission from brand for products sold via GroMo.
  2. Selling courses to partners. When I joined, they had a course called ‘Financial Advisor Certificate program’ for 699/-.

How to create a GroMo visiting card?

Click on your profile icon.

Click on the visiting card section.

Select the template and update the information you want on the card. Click on the submit button to generate a visiting card.

How to sell Gromo products?

  1. Click on the “+” button and choose the product you want to sell. You can select either brand or insurance. 
  2. For brands, you can start by watching the brand video. Then, share the link with the customer. In case you want to sell insurance, you need to fill in details and become a GroMo Insure Agent.
  3. Create your digital visiting card.
  4. Send your card to 10 people on whatsapp everyday. Along with your card, send them a few GroMo products. Call them and explain about your profile.
  5. Ask those people to forward your digital card to at least 5 people in their network.
  6. Next week call all the referrals received in the previous week.
  7. Keep adding people in your broadcast.
  8. Keep products on whatsapp status everyday. Do not clutter with more than one status or message per day.

Bonus tip:

  1. Few Credit cards are available for select PIN codes. There is an option to check if a given card is eligible for a given PIN CODE or not. If your customer is not eligible for any credit card as per customers PIN code then try to sell SBI cards as this is available for all over India. There is no option to check Pincode.

Who are GroMo competitors in India?

GroMo competitors include OneCode, Creditcode, BankSathi, RocketSingh

GroMo app sign-up Link:

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